Sonargaon Textiles (PLC)

Sonargaon Textiles Ltd. (STL), established in the year 1985, is basically a spinning project in textile sector. It is the biggest textile concern in entire South Bengal. STL is 100% export oriented spinning industry. It has generated employment opportunity for more than 2,000 workers including the officials of different desks.

It is a public limited company listed with Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange in the year 1995. It has been offering dividend regularly. It produces cotton yarn of different counts for knitting & weaving. It is financed by different banks (both Nationalized & Private).

Key Information of the project

Establishment(location, period) At Rupatoli, Barisal in the year 1985.
Type of textile Spinning
Size of textile 71,136 spindles, 672 rotor
Production 5,78,302 lbs/month.
Product Yarn count : 24/1 - 40/1.
Marketing/sales 100% Export oriented for knitting & weaving
Turnover Tk. 752,276,967 (Approx)
Financed by a) Bangladesh Investment Bank Ltd.
b) Rupali Bank Ltd.
c) Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.
d) Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
e) Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
Future Plan Diversification of product

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