Olympic Cement Limited

Khansons Group has extended its industrial arena by putting-up a Clinker Grinding Cement Plant located at Rupatoli, Barisal all in a row along with its textile industries. This cement project commenced its initial production at 800 tpd and gradually increased the production to the level of 1,600 tpd.

OCL is one & only cement factory which has targeted to meet the entire demand of cement in Southern Bengal. As a result, OCL has concentrated its sales on a soaring trend by increasing production volume. OCL is maintaining the reputation of its quality product and aiming at the extended project in days to come.

Key Information of the project

Establishment(location, period) At Rupatoli, Barisal in the year 1999.
Type of industry Clinker Grinding Cement.
Installed capacity 800 tpd/increased up to 1,600 tpd at present.
Turn-over per year Tk. 50-crore( Approx.)
Manpower 200 including all laborers.
Marketing/sales Local & Export.

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