Khansons Textiles Limited

Khansons Textiles Ltd. is the second biggest spinning project in Southern Bengal under the flagship of Khansons Group. It was established in the year 1995, located at Kawnia, Barisal. The Group owned this project from the Government under the disinvestment scheme where the original name of the industry was styled as "Barisal Textile Mills" (with installed capacity of 25,000 spindles). Upon owning it, it was re-named as 5R Ltd. and finally turned into the present name & style "Khansons Textiles Ltd.(KTL)".

KTL had undergone the BMRE where originally installed Romanian machinery has been replaced by the German, Chinese & Japanese machinery with the increased production capacity by 32,000 spindles. It is equally 100% Export oriented. The project is having around 1,500 workers including the officials. It is financed by banks in private sector.

Key Information of the project

Establishment(location, period) At Kawnia, Barisal in the year 1995.
Type of textile Spinning
Size of textile 34,560 spindles (upon expansion)
Production 8,60,000 lbs/month(after BMRE).
Product Yarn count : 10/1 to 80/1.
Marketing/sales 100% Export oriented.
Turnover Tk.152,824,439/month (Approx)
Financed by a) Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
b) Industrial Infrastructural of Development
& Finance Company(IIDFC)
Future Plan Diversification of product


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