About Us

If we look at The Commercial Map of Bangladesh, we find a bunch of well reputed business houses & we will immediately notice there a Group of Companies in name & style 'Khansons Group'.

Khansons Group, established in 1974, is having a strong footing in international business of different dimensions. Besides, Khansons Group is listed as one of the Leading Industrial Establishments where they have made significant cumulative contributions to the economy of Bangladesh, helping implement huge employment by running successfully 02(two) Textiles, 01(one) Jute & 01(one) Cement Industry in South Bengal at Barisal over a decade.

All the concerns of the Group, under one umbrella, operate independently & individually their business activities/make transactions.

Besides the group business activities, it has a strong & wide participation in Insurance Industry, where the Group is the Founder Shareholder Director of 03(three) Insurance Companies. 02(two) of them are General Insurance & 01(one) is Life in name & style 'Continental Insurance Ltd.', 'Central Insurance Company Ltd.', 'Golden Life Insurance Ltd.' respectively.

'Khanson Group' is a conglomerate evolved in different dimensions with variety of business activities. A number of sister concerns circling together rounded up the Group by representing their individual get-up & excel as a business entity. The Group is nourishing commendable reputation & status both in home & abroad.

Our Objective
The one & only objective of the Group is to create more & more business in new dimensions & develop the scope of employments through a wider participation in different business transaction both in industrial as well as commercial arena.

Our Vision
We have a singular vision towards a significant development of different industrial scheme at a target of increased volume of production & improved market share including more employment opportunities in industrial establishments & equally the transactions in International business on a regular basis.

Our Mission
To be true, success of any event in life whether in business or in private service is strongly dependent on its ethical values. Our motive is to remain true to our philosophy of high ethical standard & the pursuit of excellence in all our efforts. We will look at each challenge & opportunity with sincerity, honesty, dedication & devotion. Our mission is to achieve different dimensions of success both in business & in social life which will illustrate our innovation, motivation, synchronization & improvisation in all our working attitudes/walks of life.

Relentless pursuit to make the vision & mission a reality, the Group, over their long stride in road to achieve something substantial, as a business icon & industrialist of the country, has attained an undivided success, optimum reputation & global pride & prestige. In recognition to the achievement of the Group in the area of Exports, the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has twice selected the Chairman Managing Director of the Group as the Commercially Important Person (CIP). He was awarded Gold Medal in the year 1993-94 for extensive industrialization program/establishment of the country. He was also awarded with the C.R. Das Gold Medal in the 1995-96 as a notable industrialist of the country.


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